Intel Digital Media Creator in Windows Vista


The Intel Digital Media creator is a portable camera that can run on battery or from it’s USB bay station.

Driver Installation

To install the drivers you will need the camera’s actual driver disc. The drivers are not available on the web because Intel sold the technology to Digital Blue. If you don’t have the installation CD, you can obtain it from bittorrent. (This link is for the direct torrent, or if it’s broken you can do a torrent search for Digital Blue). The torrent I found was ‘Intel Play.Digital Blue.Digital Movie Creator.iso’.

All you need to do is install the software off of the CD. Once it’s copied the ‘Intel Play DMC Dwnld’ device will be installed but the other two will still be unknown devices and will not install properly. After a reboot Vista will detect and install the ‘Intel Play DMC Camera’ driver. The third device (Intel Play DMC Audio) will not install properly and will still remain unknown. This is because the audio capture driver is affected by the new audio driver model, and won’t work. Vista will try to install it and then give up.

The two installed drivers are enough to allow you to capture video and download stored video off the camera.

Using the Camera

The Digital Blue software actually doesn’t work in Vista. It always reports that it can’t find the camera and cites an ActiveX control in the error message. I’ve tried the compatibility modes but it seems to never detect the camera.

The camera will be listed under ‘Imaging Devices’ in Device Manager and also in the ‘Scanners and Cameras’ control panel.

You can capture video in any software that supports the WDM capture. These programs are usually for editing video. Often the option is labeled ‘Capture’ directly. Software that streams video over the internet (like instant messengers) can also use this.

The still image acquisition does not work with these drivers, trying to use it does nothing at all.

The buttons on the camera for recording video and taking a picture also will trigger the Windows Image Acquisition list when pressed. 


2 Responses to Intel Digital Media Creator in Windows Vista

  1. Brittni says:

    I installed the software from my ‘intel play’ camcorder. and then plugged it in. it tried to find a driver but it didn’t work.

    I tried to see if it would work as a web-cam. (like it did when had windows 98) but it didn’t work.

    do I need to install some kind of new driver to get it to work in vista?

  2. The Intel Play software installer from the CD doesn’t seems to fail in newer Vista versions with service packs applied. It installs everything without an error…but nothing it installs will work correctly afterwards.

    I have gotten it to work under newer Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit) systems by manually installing the drivers from the “Drivers\WinMEXP2K” directory on the installation CD. Open up Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) and right click on the entry under “Unknown Devices”, select “Update Driver”, select the option to manually install the driver, and point it to the directory on the CD (or folder where you extracted the ISO). It should recognize the drivers there and start installing a bunch of child devices and drivers for them (the DMC audio device will fail to install correctly).

    Afterwards you can use any legacy photo editing software to verify the camera’s operation. Select the Intel DMC as a TWAIN source and aquire an image.

    The image from the camera will be fuzzy, and the Intel image capture tool may not allow images to be transferred to the host application, or may even lock it up. You will need to reboot after the installation for the driver to work properly. These problems can occur every time you plug in the camera and the driver re-installs, so always reboot afterwards.

    You may also need to switch the USB port which it is plugged into, as I have seen it not detect at all or not work properly in some cases where the motherboard was not providing proper power to the port.

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