103 Responses to Telus Actiontec V1000H Hacks and Information

  1. freyyr says:

    In telnet, if you type “sh” you can bring up busybox and escape the extremely limited wrapper to a full-fledged linux shell.

  2. Akkss says:

    thank you so much! i used the tech account and i can unlock many features that i needed for my pc programs like dhcp. thank you.

    haha i dont know how you got the tech account though o_O do you work for telus or what?

  3. CURIOUS says:

    Is there a way to change the mac address of the Telus Actiontec V1000H??

  4. Great post, thanks for everything. Also, please keep an ear open and update whenever possible.

  5. newcommentor says:

    Great Post, any way to get to QOS page by logging as tech ?

  6. rewind says:

    you can also plug a memory stick into the usb port – it will recognise vfat (i assume) and ext3 (tested) filesystems.

    does anyone know how to lock telus (and possibly the rest of the world) out of my modem?

    according to etc/passwd (links to var/passwd) the “tech” account does not actually exist. instead there is a “support” account, a “user” account, and “nobody”, in addition to “admin”, whose password can be set from the gui. i can wipe the rest by overwriting var/passwd, but only until the next reboot.

    according to html in webs, there is a “tech” account, and a “root” account, in addition to admin. again only admin password can be changed, via the gui.

    i have searched every which way i can, from here, but cannot sort out where or how these differences are mapped, and am on the point of assuming it is all down to some nonsense hardcoded into httpd to fake the whole thing.

    sigh. thanks for all this information, am perched on the shoulders of giants here… if not trying your patience, a few more questions..

    howto rip the existing (running) firmware, with a view to trying a few small changes of my own.

    howto (completely?) unbrick the device, if my hacks should (will) fail?

    anything even close to a cross compile toolchain would be ever so nice…

    will go read the forum now, assume am asking too much, but happy to report progress back here, if wanted..

    • pookieman says:


      I was wondering how you accessed a mounted drive using the USB? Basically this is my plan. I was going to plugin a external USB drive at my friends house who has optic tv and this router. Then access it remotely from my home so I could perform remote backups of my data, that way I have offsite backup of my files.

      I’d love to hear any ideas anyone has about how to do this. Could I use RSYNC or something similar, what about encryption it would be better if the data was protected.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  7. Kenny Wong says:

    telus tech doesn’t work 😦

  8. company says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Telus Actiontec V1000H Hacks and Information Keith B’s Tech Blog <Liked it!

  9. Bob says:

    Great post! BTW I did load the generic v1000h firmware on my gateway, and it works fine as a router, but there is no dhcp reservation unfortunately.

  10. P says:

    So with he tech account there is still no Bridge option

  11. Jerry Craig says:

    I am trying to connect my Slingbox Solo to this new router, do you have suggestions?

    • SweetLu says:

      Did you ever get your Slingbox Solo working? I am trying to get mine up and running but having no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Jerry says:

        I have the V1000H sitting in a box on my shelf, and have gone
        back to the external modem/external router setup that the Slingbox worked on before the upgrade.
        I would like to find a solution so I could go to the single V1000H setup.

  12. Bill Lowney says:

    Info on how to use your own router (bridging mode) and root passwords for the Actiontec V1000H see:


  13. Pookieman says:


    My router has firmware 31.30L.57, any ideas what the tech/root passwords are? I’ve tried the one mentioned here and it doesn’t work.

    Many Thanks

  14. AdamB says:

    Is there any way to set the DNS settings on the V100H? Perhaps by the above-mentioned “root” account? We want to change the DNS to OpenDNS for better filtering service. A Telus Premium Care technician told they can’t this, as its against the service agreement between Telus and Actiontec, but it is supposedly possible.

    I’d really like to get this done, but if I can’t figure out how, I’ll need to buy a new, configurable router.

  15. Yaron says:

    It could be nice to use the WAN port as another LAN port.
    If someone knows how to do it, please post here.

    • KRBD says:

      The wan port is for daisy chaining to another switch I would not suggest another WiFi unit just a regular smart switch to give you more Ethernet ports

  16. Anton says:

    Keith, you are awesome for providing this info! Thanks. I remember seeing on DSLreports that you can set up the unit to work in bridge mode to hook up your own router, if running the stock firmware. Since i have the recent telus FW and can’t push stock, is this still possible? Right now i am set up to DMZ my Asus router, and it ends up being clunky and plain ugly, not to mention not being able to DDNS straight from the router.

  17. matt says:

    hey thanks for that!!!

  18. Jordan Scott says:

    Oh boy okay so I have a actiontec V1000H – 31.30L.55 through telus and a DNS 323 D-link enclosure. Somehow my DNS makes my optik tv lag even though i’m not uploading or downloading. I’ve tried the whole dmz and port forwarding thing and dhcp ( not knowing what the hell i’m doing) but still haven’t figured the cause of the blipping. Telus isn’t useful in anyways and neither is D-Link as they asked for money for support ( because it’s not on warranty anymore) Telus can’t figure it out and won’t send a tech out as this is the third time.

    Before all of this we has 2 routers one wired one for wireless connections. My DNS worked fine before so I’m really at a stand still since my family shares this for a small business and personal. I’m not sure if it was a “bridged” connection as what telus would say but I still don’t know. If anyone can email me or reply to this that would be amazing! Also tried going through tech account, didn’t see anything of interest that would effect it.

    The DNS has a demo for the device on the website and all instructions if anyone can help me


    Thanks! Will be looking around until resolved.

  19. Zajacz says:

    I would like to know what the root login/password is for the latest 31.30L.57 firmware for the V1000H. Please post it so there is a permanent record of it here.

  20. Ben says:

    Any idea how to make changes via the console and have them survive a reboot? The filesystem seems to be read-only, but changes via the web interface have to be getting saved somewhere.

    This post http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r27233280-Managed-to-bypass-the-Actiontec-firewall-through-CLI has me thinking that I could do quite a bit with the Actiontec if only I could get my changes to persist.

  21. Greg says:

    Is there a way to block adult content on the Actiontec v1000h router?

    • Tech1785 says:

      yes go to the advanced settings using the Tech login and you will find and option called “website blocking”. this will block individual sites.

  22. Doug says:

    Does anyone know, if using tech user and password if you can open ports on the route to use for port forwarding? I am trying to setup some port forwarding but all the ports I try for TCP and UDP all seem to be blocked so I need to open a couple of ports?

    Any information

  23. Usually I do not learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up
    very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me.
    Thank you, very nice article.

  24. BGB says:

    AdamB, did you find a solution? I need the same.

    • BBBright says:

      To change DNS: Log in to the v1000h’s web interface using the root account. Choose “Advanced Setup” > “WAN IP Addressing” > “5. Select the DNS type.” > “Static DNS Addresses”, then enter your primary and secondary DNS and click on “Apply”.

      Note that the root account also provides the option of saving your config to disk and restoring it later — very helpful if you’ve done a bunch of port forwards/DHCP reservations/etc. (WHY is this option disabled in the admin and tech accounts?!!!!)

  25. Diego Walter says:

    i logged in with root account, found info on another blog (thanks)

    under QOS upstream there’s this IP – – whats it do or go to?

    root login – all features are unlocked and configurable
    (old firmware 31.30L.48)
    username: root
    password: m3di@r00m!

    (new firmware 31.30L.55)
    username: root
    password: Thr33scr33n!

  26. Zajacz says:

    What about the 31.30L.57 root account?

    • pookieman says:

      I believe this has already been answered in this blog post, at least it works for me.

      • Sean Donovan says:

        Just for the record, with the new firmware, 31.30L.57, “root” and “tech” accounts did not work for me.

      • Mike says:

        I have 31.30L.57 and none of the tech and root passwords listed here work for me. I used to be able to get in with the tech account and the t3lu5tv password, but that now just gives me an “Invalid username and password” message.

      • Josh says:

        If the passwords don’t work, do a factory reset. Hold the reset button down for about 10 seconds then unplug the router while still holding the reset button. When I did this, the tech and root accounts started working again.

    • Sammy says:

      Root password is the same as 31.30L.55

  27. Josh says:

    Can I setup the second SSID to have guest access so that it can use the internet but not access the other machines on the local network?

  28. Yuriy says:

    Just upgraded my TELUS V1000h
    Current(old) Firmware Version: 31.30L.55

    with GENERIC
    NO problem at all!

  29. Durwin says:

    Hi! This is a great article and I’d like to try it out.
    I bought a used Telus Actiontec V1000H with no power adapter (and no antennas) so I’m hoping you can tell me what voltage the V1000H needs so I can get it running.
    Thank you.

    • Jerry says:

      The power adapter that I have with the Actiontec V1000H router puts out 12volts dc, at 1.66 amp, and the polarity of the plug is the outer shell is negative, and the center portion is positive.
      Its made by Asian Power Devices Inc. model number DA-20l12

      Good Luck!

  30. Ash says:

    I’m trying to set up a Loftek IP cam on this router. need to access virtual server settings. any help appreciated.


  31. kirm says:

    Big thanks to you for a great article. I’ve been having problems with intermittant drops of service and Telus has been good about trying to fix it but nothing worked. They finally changed the modem. It’s default IP is That’s my wireless printer. I asked the tech to change it but he phoned his boss and they said no. A quick search sent me to your fantastic, secret-spilling site and now I’m on the IP I WANTED.

    Thanks so much kind Sir!!!!!!

    P.S. Why in the world does Telus feel the need to be in the router business?!?!. Just give us a modem you clowns and let us take care of the routing.

  32. s says:

    got an extra V1000H modem from Telus…..what kinda experiment can we do….mwahahaha

  33. root and Thr33scr33n! nor m3di@r00m! is no longer working on 31.30L.57 nor is tech and t3lu5tv.

    It was all of a sudden – Maybe March 20, 2013? Maybe they pushed out an update or something.

    Anyone have a clue what the new password for root is?

  34. George says:


    Above root/password does not work for me. =(
    Any other suggestions?

  35. Ty says:

    Cannot get in with any of the listed passwords… Does anyone know any other passwords for V1000H 31.30L.57?? I would like to port forward.

    • Ty says:

      More details. I received the router and I was able to login with the tech account. When I tried today, the tech account would not work. I tried all of the accounts listed in this thread… firmware is: 31.30L.57

      Using google chrome…
      I have found that I can port forward with the admin account.

      Here is how you do it:
      click on firewall
      (application category) select user created rules

      (select device) enter the lan IP addy to forward to (or select device)
      Create rule
      name the rule – set ports (I match them all)
      click apply
      set IP then select your new rule from user created rules and click apply

  36. Anya says:

    Hello i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anywhere,
    when i read this paragraph i thought i could also make comment
    due to this good piece of writing.

  37. theJerk says:

    Looks like they changed it. tech t3lu5tv doesn’t work for me anymore. (It did in the past)

  38. Malachi says:

    i have firmware 31.30L.57 and have tried all above passwords and user names and none work can someone tell me if telus has changed the passwords again for new recent installs mine is onlt about 2months old thanks


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  40. Sean Ya says:

    My V1000H is 31.30L.57 .

    Those accounts and passwords are not working any more.
    Neither tech nor root……….
    They used to work until last week…..but my own admin password is still there and working fine.

  41. Yaron says:

    My firmware is 31.30L.34
    1. Anyone can help with the root password ?
    2. Is there a url for backup & restore of the configuration ?

  42. Jeremy says:

    It would appear that Telus updated my router and changed the tech password recently. I hadn’t logged in for several months but tried today and found that the tech password no longer works. Definitely a pain as I had dhcp disabled and now need to figure out how to get back in with elevated privileges.
    As well, I noticed that my admin password had expired and needed to be reset.
    Anyone notice the same?

  43. Jeff says:

    I am on Firmware Version: 31.30L.57 and can confirm that *none* of the above passwords work. If anyone finds another that works for this build, please post back.

  44. Henry says:

    Signed in as root on 31.30L.55 and getting 403 error on

    Any suggestions?

  45. ben says:

    I see there’s a new firmware available from Actiontec http://www.actiontec.com/products/product.php?pid=191#soft. Has anyone tried it?

    • Dan says:

      I had acquired a spare Actiontec v1000h and decided to try out Firmware 31.30L.34 on it. It has been running on it for ~1 week with just stock settings (No QOS table in there, but place to put it). I have telus TV with two STB, and so far no issues but I also have not really cranked up the throughput. The DHCP reservation has been completely removed so far I can tell. Possibly now setting devices to Static IP outside the DHCP range will not screw it up so it doesn’t route to them.. If I encounter any major difficulties I will post here.

  46. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get three
    e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that
    service? Cheers!

  47. alazone says:

    anyone knows how to diable further upgrade by telus ? I have a old modem still on .48 version and I’d like to disable upgrading before connecting to the internet.

  48. mary says:

    I am sooo not computer savy and i need help!!!! I bought a telus actiontec v1000h but I have centurylink interenet how do i get this to work????

  49. Alex says:

    Telus updated the firmware and changed the passwords. does anyone have the new ones yet?

  50. bluenote says:

    Would like a latest root p/w also for 31.30L.57 when the above listed credentials stopped working. thanks!

  51. mj0 says:

    guys, i can’t even get a prompt when attempting to telnet and/or SSH to my V1000H. firmware is 31.30L.57. is there a specific TCP port i should be using in order to connect with telnet/SSH? have tried connecting FROM internal subnet TO both internal and external/public router IPs. any assistance greatly appreciated

    i used to have this access. i presume this was on a previous firmware which they must have upgraded. i used the telustv GUI password in order to gain CLI access and add routes to my internal networks. now however, the only GUI account working is “admin” (which won’t allow me to re-enable telnet) and i can’t even get a login prompt when attempting to connect via telnet

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  53. renan says:

    nothing works

  54. greg says:

    I have the actiontec V1000H and would like to fool the thing or at least change the dns and ip’s to be able to use the U.S netflix. Is there any way to do this. I have been told that Telus in all its anal retentiveness has managed to lock down the device such that it isnt possible and you would have to pay some site in the U.S. for a valid U.S. Ip that might not even work. does anyone know how to do this or am I chasing a ghost here.

  55. Sean says:

    Could anyone please give me a link how to save the V1000H firmware 31.30L.57 from the V1000H device?
    I tried to copy the firmware from one to another one….

  56. Frankly says:

    Any update on the passwords for root and tech? A telus tech i spoke to told me to unplug the dsl, reset the passwords as mentioned previously in this thread, and then plug in dsl and the passwords should work. No happiness here on that.

    Anyone else get this to work, or can help? Thanks.

  57. Toby says:

    My Telus V1000H with 31.30L.57 will not allow either the tech or root passwords. When I got it, the tech password worked. It stopped immediately after I chose my own admin password. Re-setting the modem did not help. Telus has rigged this somehow. My guess is that there are new passwords for the techs but only available for those doing bench repair.

  58. Hi has anyone figured out the new passwords for this. Please post if you can or have any more information. Thanks.

  59. Kevin says:

    Hello all, I have firmware 31.30L.57 and none of the credentials seem to work. Does anyone have any update on the tech/root pwds?


  60. Jerry says:

    I want to thank this blog for the information I needed to have my sling box work through the V1000. Last year when I tried to port forward, it would not work, so I went back to my old router and external modem. But they developed a heat problem, so I tried again using the information on this blog, and this time I got it to work!! Then a few weeks ago, I talked to a knowledgeable Telus Tech, and I was told that Telus had opened up the router to allow port forwarding because of all the complaints they got from gamers trying to port forward on their X-box’s that are used as a set top box on their optik service, so thankyou Keith

  61. James says:

    31.30L.57.. does anyone have the root password to access additional features

  62. Roop says:

    has anyone taken a look at http://opensource.actiontec.com/v1000x.html ?
    it looks like an sdk

  63. Kelly says:

    This rocks, had no idea I could get into that box like this, thanks for posting. I love their tech password, so difficult to gue55.

  64. passingby says:

    new root passwords will be released/leaked by February2014(hopefully).
    All hail the open web

    • Rick H says:

      Not to step on anybody but… I have 2 routers with latest firmware. tech passwords work on both.

      Have you tried a factory reset? as mentioned more than once in this tread.

  65. itaywand says:

    Thanks for posting this! Do you have any idea how I can set up a log of mac addresses that the device sees? I’d like to keep a record of all the unique devices that attempt to attach to the modem.

  66. Jimmy says:

    I tried a reset (disconnected from DSL line) – known root passwords don’t seem to work. Running 31.121L.12. I want to enable the transparent bridge mode to use my own router without double-NAT. Anyone know how to get in there now?

  67. Chris Andrews says:

    I have the same firmware (31.121L.12) and I have the DNS forwarding settings area now, but when I go to enable it with the admin account it says thank you, now returning to previous page, and it disables it again. I tried the “tech” with password “t3lu5tv” and it does not work now.
    any ideas on how to get it to enable?

  68. jhon says:

    hi anyone have telus Actiontec_V1000H_31.30L.48-TELUS-1302125540.1.img firmware

  69. jhon says:

    anybody have 31.30L.­48 custom firmware link doesnt work

  70. terry says:


    Actiontec V1000h 31.30L.48 modified TELUS firmware


  71. Magesnz says:

    The changed the password as of today may 24th 2014 with this firmware 31.121L.13

  72. CEUC says:

    I would like to be able to use chromecast, I have found the instructions, http://support.unblock-us.com/customer/portal/questions/1385727-chromecast , but I do not know where to change the DNS or where to do a DNSmasq,

    I would appreciate if someone can guide me on this.

    Thank you!

  73. Jimmy says:

    v1000h firmware 31.121L.11 anyone know how to get root access?

    • Me myself and I says:

      Yes, can do root… But do you have the .img file for it, 31.121L.11 ? Been searching a while now

    • magoo says:

      It seems you no longer need the tech login. If you login as admin, you automatically have advanced access.

  74. Rads says:

    +1 to Jimmy’s question

  75. mark says:

    I bought a old telus actiontec v1000h running 31.30L.55 firmware. I want to use this as a router. I connected the wan to my other modems lan, it is not giving me any internet but showing ethernet connected. Does someone have a working link to download modified 31.30L.48 firmware or any newer modified firmware? Can I use this as a router?d

    • Ben says:

      Since you’re not going to be using it as a modem you might want to flash it with the latest firmware from Actiontech http://www.actiontec.com/191.html#soft. That way you’ll have full access to the web interface and all the features. I have flashed mine so that I can use it with Teksavvy, I’m not sure if it would still be usable with Telus after flashing it, so don’t do this if you need it as a modem with Telus unless you’re willing to run the risk of it not working.

  76. Robin says:

    Today the a tech was here due to line issues. I was going through the settings and found that many of the settings that required the tech password are now in the admin configuration. A great improvement.

    I also noticed that there are DLNA server features and tested those.

    I have the 31.121L.13 firmware as well.

    In the advanced settings there is now the ability to set different DNS settings. How well this works, I don’t know. Cannot set the DNS server addresses though.

    I also noticed that there is a configuration for dynamic DNS.

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